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I'm in the middle of 40 years, married, and slowly realized that I am bi -curious. I was in the heads of the city station on Thursday. shareporn Had this opportunity before and living began to pull his boy, of course, very large but flaccid penis. I was nervous, looking around, but never back the foreskin. As I said, lazy, which was very large, about 6 'long and thick. I'm very excited, but chickened out and do something else. I went back the next afternoon. I hung the urinal with his tail for a while, and of course a guy who arrived at the next urinal to me, and after a while. I could see shareporn he was slowly stroking. I looked down and was big and long penis, he pulled his foreskin back and forth over a shiny red Helm. did the same and began to bother. Looking back on his tail was longer and longer, thicker and stronger, finally it was stuck up, now about 6. 5 'to 7 ' long, but thick and heavy. My tail, slightly shorter but still large, was the hard rocknow. The boy pulled his hand in my pocket, but then quickly on my shaft, squeezing me easily. I was not in a state of shock, however. Then he began to pull over, pull my skin back to the end and let his fingers are also right in the town on the road. I could take no more and began to splash shareporn loads of cum at the urinal, he stopped and then when I finished I was stroking his hard, but kept it and then went into a stall, I Do not, I know what to do in stride. No words were exchanged be enough. However, I was so excited, I went about shareporn 5 minutes later, but now the closet door closed firmly. I entered the room next door and could hear the groans of pain and pushes the activity. It was obvious that someone was shareporn always a slow and difficult axes. Then turn left, you can not, but the idea of the head. I do not know what to do with it if this is legally risky, because it shows what you want / have no idea how widespread it is and what is the label. allAppreciate advice.
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